Every journey begins with a single step

So. Here I am, just getting on with things, and a thought occurs to me. Then it starts plaguing me. The thought is this:

‘What do I actually like doing?’

It’s a tough question. When you spend your life going from one moment, one day, one year to the next, the answer can pass you by. But then I think, ‘I like doing loads of stuff,’ and that’s true. But which bits specifically? sometimes I like doing nothing. Sometimes it’s about just being.

But I would like to record this doing and being in the form of a project that is just about things that I like.

I’m going to be recording the things I do, things I make and things I think about in a nice blog.

It’s going to be fun!

The first project is coming soon!


August 21, 2010. Tags: , , , . creative, Jenny project, life, Thought projects.

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