The Jenny Project: Birthdays are big

For those who don’t know me, know this: I love birthdays. One day out of all the year that specifically celebrates you, your existence, your life so far. A day when you call the shots, when you’re allowed to be frivolous and bossy and demanding, not only of your friends and family, but also of life itself.

I know a lot of people don’t feel this way, and that’s fine. Birthdays mark another year older, initiate sometimes painful feelings about where you are in life, and these things aren’t always pleasant. I get it. But for me, they symbolise being a kid again, having fun.

I explained this to some friends recently: When I was growing up, I was pushed around – I lived with my mum, but went to a childminder every day, visited my dad and/or grandparents at the weekend and generally just did what everyone else told me to. But when it was my birthday, something amazing happened. People asked me what I wanted to do!  It was special. I was special.

So I’ve got a soft spot for birthdays and this year (a birthday which could have been weird and sad) I got invited to go to Spain with some new (and lovely) friends. That, along with all the brilliant things from my family and friends, was joyous.

I want to give a big thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday. It means loads. And even more thanks to those who contributed to celebrations with drinks, cards and presents. I especially LOVE my cards from @LollyGee @Pic_Nick @HarryGillian @chellepug @birdatron, my Totoro book and, of course, my ceramic tea straw:

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May 28, 2011. Uncategorized.

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