The Piano Project

An amazing thing happened a couple of months ago. I was given a piano for free.

One of my lifetime ambitions was to own a piano and now I do! (My neighbours were moving and couldn’t afford to take it with them. As they had to shift it pretty quickly, they offered it around the building free of charge…)

I’ve always played music, I did tons at school, playing flute and then saxophone with a bit of guitar and piano as well. But I never had piano lessons. The attitude was always “you can read music so just work it out”. Plus I think if I’d had any more lessons my life would basically have ground to a (musical) halt.

So when I got my piano I decided that I should take some lessons. I’ve pretty much stopped playing any of my instruments and I’m scared to take flute or sax lessons again because I’ll be worse than I was before. Having piano lessons seemed positive as possible having never learned formally before.

I’ve had a whole four lessons, learnt four scales and two pieces. It’s going pretty well! I enjoy learning and practicing (apart from scales – they’re annoying).

Here’s the thing: I don’t really know what I want to play. I really want to find some enjoyable stuff but I don’t know where to start. Any recommendations or suggestions are very much welcome! Leave a comment and I’ll probably just do whatever you tell me to.

I’ll keep you posted (and add a photo of my lovely piano soon).


June 9, 2011. Tags: , , . creative, life.

One Comment

  1. Sarah replied:

    This sounds like SOMUCHFUN! I can imagine you having fun with some Ragtime jazz-y stuff. xx

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