The Home Project

I had plans. Big plans. Blog plans. I was going to blog about the first six months of the year. About my trip to Italy. My thoughts on Caitlin Moran’s new book, How To Be A Woman.

But I didn’t.

A great huge time-hungry monster took over my life. That monster was moving house.

From around the 1st January this year, I’d been living on my own. Out of convenience, mostly. A big, beautiful, heavily subsidised flat in Camden (where I grew up) was just the ticket to getting me back on my feet. Somewhere safe and secure while I sorted my shit out and made my way further into the terrifying world of independence.

But that wasn’t sustainable. I like my own space and all that stuff, but it gets pretty lonely and exhausting doing everything yourself.

So it was all very fortuitous when a room opened up in a house of brilliant friends. Sad that it meant my friend Sarah moving away (come back — we’ll build an extra room in!), but happy that it means I’m surrounded by good, funny, interesting, entertaining lovelies.

So I’m settling in and putting all my books on approx half an inch of shelf space and remembering what it’s like to live with people again. It feels good.

All the pain of packing up stuff and sorting out moving my piano (oh yes, it’s still going) and driving a van and cutting my hand was worth it. Although I may never ever move again.


August 15, 2011. Tags: , , . Jenny project, life.

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