Crespuscular!, or What Happened At The End Of May Influences A Sunday Afternoon In August

A couple of months ago, at the end of May, I took Dave to Barnes to experience the chai latte delights of Orange Pekoe. (It’s beautiful. Go.) On the train, we spotted a tower in the distance that neither of us recognised, and we made a mental note to go searching for it at some point and find out what it is.

Around the same time, we learnt a new word: crepuscular, which is the scientific word for ‘god rays’ – those beams of light that shine between clouds. Needless to say, crepuscular has been embraced big time. If I liked those shiny beamy rays before, I like them even more now they have an awesome name!

So. It took until yesterday to go looking for this tower. We cycled round (I was – reluctantly – on a Boris bike) and saw nothing. Too many big buildings not giving a clear enough view of the skyline. Dave was convinced it was near Victoria. I was convinced it was further west. Time went on. We rode along the river and suddenly, looking north, we saw it! Beautiful, red brick tower of dreams…

We cycled up. I dumped the Boris. We made the final journey on foot. As we approach, it looks like it might be an office block or flats or something boring. We get closer, gradually glimpsing more of this red brick. It’s HUGE.

Turns out we were searching for Westminster Cathedral all along. (Not Westminster Abbey. We know what that looks like.) And what a cathedral it is. Huge. Brilliant. Red. Weirdly timeless.

But all that searching and shimmying around the streets of London was all worth it, because we got there just as there was a break in services on a Sunday. Which meant we could actually go in without, you know, taking mass or something ridiculous. And inside? All kinds of crepuscular!

All up in the massive high ceiling, shining all over the mosaic ceiling and walls and beautiful cathedral.

If we hadn’t spotted it from the train, if we hadn’t found out about crepuscular (thanks, Internet), if we had arrived at any other time, it just wouldn’t have happened. And I’m SO GLAD IT DID!

The end.


August 22, 2011. Tags: , . Jenny project, life.

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