(writing project)

start with my eyes

blue to green to black to blue

you bruise them

only to be forgiven with a sweet look,

a regretful glance.

you move down to the mouth you love to suffocate,

the nape you strangle

(without meaning to).

I have never felt so terrified as when your eyes meet mine.

I look away.

a momentary glimmer

sweeps across my vision,

too delicate to crush

and I guess that I am

very bad at love.

everything I crave comes out broken,

damaged, destroyed

by the passion with which I wanted it.


September 21, 2011. Tags: , . writing project.


  1. Russell Littlecreek replied:

    Nice. Thought provoking!

    • jennysproject replied:

      Thanks Russell! A little anxious adding creative writing to the blog…

  2. jessicamarie19 replied:

    I really love this poem. The first two lines caught my attention on the poetry tag page, but my favorite line is the effect of “very bad at love”. I love the partial rhyme (whether intentional or not) with “crush”, and the contradiction from the beginning to the end regarding who is “at fault”. The end changes the meaning of the beginning – which makes you want to read it twice! 🙂 Nice work.

  3. Topher Hallam (@ForlornRags) replied:

    Harrowing but yet extremely frail and slight. Enjoyed the line ‘everything I crave comes out broken,’ Reminds me that you always lose the things you don’t want to but always retain the things you do.

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