Why I don’t wear high heels (or spend hours on my make-up)

You may or may not have noticed that I’m a girl. Or woman. Or lady. Or other words for ‘female human’.

Being a girl means you grow up with certain expectations and things you’re supposed to do or be interested in. One of these things is wearing high heeled shoes. I’m not saying I’ve never worn high heels. I have. Because that’s what expectations and peer pressure and ‘everyone else is doing it’ does to you. But they make me grumpy and tired and miserable. Because that’s what having sore feet does to me!

I thought I’d get used to it. I thought if I bought some fancy in-soles or jelly feet things, it would be ok. But it still hurts so I made a decision: no more high heels. And that doesn’t mean I don’t have nice shoes. I like shoes! My sequin ballet flats and red mary janes and Camper sneakers and leather boots – I love them all. I love them because they’re pretty and comfy and make a function piece of everyday clothing fun. But no high heels for me. No squeezing myself into that particular expectation.

Another thing I’ve abandoned is an extensive make-up regimen. I used to wear full foundation, eye-liner, concealer, mascara, blusher, eye shadow – the works. But again, not worth it. I look marginally better (and it’s a very small margin) for about 20 minutes’ work. These days, it’s all about tinted moisturiser (that smells nice), and mascara and blusher if you’re lucky. Not that I never wear anything else, but for my day-to-day life, that’ll do. My face is my face.

And I think this all stems from a shift in priorities. I don’t want to look good – I want to feel good, be good, be myself, and my best self at that. I can’t work on being the best person I can be and work out what makes me happy and fulfilled if I’m worrying about my shoes, face and hair. I’d rather read a book, get more sleep and be able to go for a nice walk on my way home.

Anyone else foregoing heels and other grooming practices?


November 1, 2012. Tags: , , , . Jenny project, life.

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