Word of the year update: wishing vs noticing

Sunshine: wishing for it, and noticing when it arrives

Sunshine: wishing for it, and noticing when it arrives

Wishing is harder than I thought back in January. I started off with a wish that my tonsillectomy would go well, that it wouldn’t be too painful, that I’d bounce back. And what I found in the weeks after the operation is that first you have to notice what’s going on before you know what to wish for.

The doctors told me that I’d feel better in the first couple of days, but that the pain would be worse around day 6 or 7. And they were totally right. But what happened was that I totally freaked out about more pain before it hit. I tried to imagine how bad it would be. I talked myself into a total panic about not being able to cope. I imagined not be able to sleep, and therefor becoming a complete psycho-bitch.

Then I paused.

And I decided to notice what was actually happening now, that exact moment and day. I MEAN. This was a small (but significant) breakthrough. Let’s all just see where we’re at right now and then figure out what we hope could be different once we know where we are.

So. I think this is the update on my wishing year. There’s so much I could wish for, so many things I do wish for, but are they the priority right now? Do I even know where I am in each situation? That’s where I need to start.

Fortunately, I have a week off to go snowboarding next week (I’m so ready for a holiday!) which will hopefully provide some downtime to connect with where I am, what I wish for and, of course, some people I love.


March 26, 2013. Tags: , , , , . Jenny project, life, Thought projects.

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