I (finally) joined instagram


One of the best things I did pre-tonsillectomy was buy a new phone. It kept me entertained while I was bed-ridden and having vastly improved functionality meant I could watch videos, read blogs and – importantly – join instagram.

Here’s a quick collection of some of my posts. You can follow me under the guise @jenny_hyde

IMG_20130214_071916 IMG_20130215_071703 IMG_20130217_100654 IMG_20130217_161301 IMG_20130311_073131 IMG_20130316_192935


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My word of the year


Lots of my favourite bloggers choose a word for the year and I’ve read some interesting thoughts on how to choose and use words for 2013. I love it! It’s fascinating to see the different interpretations of similar words, and I’ve been spurred on to choose my own. I do love the words, after all.

Last year, I sort of half-chose “let go” as my word/phrase. I had some pretty definite ideas about what that meant in specific areas of my life. In the end, they didn’t really happen, but somehow “let go” fits 2012 pretty well.

This year, I’ve chosen “wishing”. It’s a bit fairies and rainbows and unicorns, I know. I’m ok with that. But having let go of a lot of stuff (by which I really mean shit), it’s time to start thinking about what I really hope for and want in my life. And “wishing” really encapsulate that for me.

I’m ready to start breaking things down so that I know what my dream is in any situation – the anything-is-possible, no-realism-need-apply thing. Then knowing what I can actually do to make the wish real, and what’s left to just hoping and wishing and putting good vibes out there. (I’m a massive hippy. I know.)

Yes, I have some wishes for 2013. The first is that I’ll have a successful and speedy recovery from my tonsillectomy next week (no horror stories, please). The rest are still being explored…

A little late, but happy new year! Wishing you a wonderful year of goodness x

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Book Maze


We took a walk along the Southbank yesterday to see the sights and show some friends round. I took the opportunity – finally – to get a look at the Book Maze in the Southbank Centre. You’d find it hard to get lost (the maze really isn’t that challenging and you can see over the walls built of books) but you might get lost looking at the thousands of books and titles…

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Hearts on squares

Not much today, except to say that I can’t stop listening to this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbHe7qQGD0Y


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Sunset over Little Venice


I love this view. I love the water and trees and the boats and the people. The sun consistently sets over this bit of west London canal so that it catches all the important bits.

Every Thursday, I’m there. Most of the time I just walk past, but there are some days, like yesterday when I have to pause to take it in. I shuffle around, trying to get the best spot, the best combination of light and leaves.

When other people walk past and see what I’m doing, I like to think they’re a little bit jealous that I got there first…

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August: don’t be silly


As my first August Break post, I thought I’d share this cute and relevant bit of graffiti I found recently.

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two small bits of writing


I do not wish to save you

from eternal damnation;

from suicidal urges

that grip and dig talons

through muscles and sinews.

I have no power to be

a saviour

and oftentimes I cannot

convince you

to leave the tiniest notion




Smoke rises violently,

loudly billowing.

And he wonders why

something so visually overwhelming

should be deprived

of any sound.

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The Piano Project

An amazing thing happened a couple of months ago. I was given a piano for free.

One of my lifetime ambitions was to own a piano and now I do! (My neighbours were moving and couldn’t afford to take it with them. As they had to shift it pretty quickly, they offered it around the building free of charge…)

I’ve always played music, I did tons at school, playing flute and then saxophone with a bit of guitar and piano as well. But I never had piano lessons. The attitude was always “you can read music so just work it out”. Plus I think if I’d had any more lessons my life would basically have ground to a (musical) halt.

So when I got my piano I decided that I should take some lessons. I’ve pretty much stopped playing any of my instruments and I’m scared to take flute or sax lessons again because I’ll be worse than I was before. Having piano lessons seemed positive as possible having never learned formally before.

I’ve had a whole four lessons, learnt four scales and two pieces. It’s going pretty well! I enjoy learning and practicing (apart from scales – they’re annoying).

Here’s the thing: I don’t really know what I want to play. I really want to find some enjoyable stuff but I don’t know where to start. Any recommendations or suggestions are very much welcome! Leave a comment and I’ll probably just do whatever you tell me to.

I’ll keep you posted (and add a photo of my lovely piano soon).

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Every journey begins with a single step

So. Here I am, just getting on with things, and a thought occurs to me. Then it starts plaguing me. The thought is this:

‘What do I actually like doing?’

It’s a tough question. When you spend your life going from one moment, one day, one year to the next, the answer can pass you by. But then I think, ‘I like doing loads of stuff,’ and that’s true. But which bits specifically? sometimes I like doing nothing. Sometimes it’s about just being.

But I would like to record this doing and being in the form of a project that is just about things that I like.

I’m going to be recording the things I do, things I make and things I think about in a nice blog.

It’s going to be fun!

The first project is coming soon!

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