I do like a good bit of food…

I’ve been thinking a lot about food recently. I’ve been on a bit of a health kick (too many squishy bits, not enough muscle or fitness), which has led me to think about the food I eat as well as starting to do more exercise (mostly in the form of ‘running’ and yoga). I’m not that good at running yet, but the yoga and the eating, I’m totally down with.

So food. I cut wheat out of my diet a few years ago. It just doesn’t agree with me. When I cut it out, I lost weight pretty quickly because wheat = carbs. But over the years, I’ve discovered that cheese, chocolate, steak and chips don’t have wheat in EVER, so I’ve been eating a bit too much of them.

And recently that thing happened where you’re having too much life and not enough cooking. I ate toast and chips and Holy Cow and easy-quick pasta. But then I got better. I cooked some dinners. I took leftovers into work for lunch. I kept track of what I was eating. It was good. Along with the exercise, I lost some weight. One person noticed. That was nice.

Right now, on the edge of autumn and thinking about delicious things I want to cook/eat, I’m enjoying these things:

Lunch today is tuna salad. Yum.


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The Picnic Project: Hummus

Picnic season has begun. Hayfever is rife, the sun is out and the masses have followed.

And you know what that means: bags of crisps, melting chocolate, sticky fingers. And hummus. Someone always brings hummus.

Obviously, I love hummus. I could eat one big tub of it and very little else. So I decided to make some.

Is there anything more appetising than a chick pea? Yes, there's hummus...

Ignoring my lovely chipped bowl, this is an encouraging sight! Chick peas are the most important part of hummus and therefore, right now, the most important part of me.

Slightly sad looking now, but about to become one of the best foods ever!

Tahini paste is not glamorous. It is bitter and gooey. But it is VITAL to hummus, vital.

I’ve got this family heirloom food processor that I definitely don’t use enough. It makes all the best things and requires little effort.

I juiced some lemons, too

So a whizzed up the chick peas, garlic, tahini, lemon juice and olive oil, added some salt and pepper and made a whole TUPPERWARE BOX of hummus. I am happy. Now I just need a picnic full of people to share it with. Once I’ve found one, I’ll let you know.

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The Pesto Project

There is one thing that I love more than most things. In fact, I can rarely resist it. ‘What can it be?’ I hear you cry.


Just think about it: basil, parmesan, garlic, pine nuts, olive oil. All great things put together to create something amazing.

I love the salty, savoury flavour from the parmesan, combined with the tangy garlic and basil. I love the oily texture with a slight crunch and sweetness of the pine nuts. And it’s not just the flavour and texture: pesto is so versatile. Yes, it’s the easiest and most satisfying pasta sauce. But it’s also superb on salmon, in a quiche, as a dip, even – dare I say it – in a sandwich.

I love pesto.

Don't you want some?

So here’s my confession. Until now, I had never ever tried to make my own pesto. Despite being a complete pesto enthusiast and only really going for the fresh supermarket pesto (not the stuff in the jars), I hadn’t put the effort in to make my favourite weakness.

I recently acquired a food processor, and the first thing I made was pesto. A little nervous, I thought I’d just do enough for a pasta topping for two. I grabbed some basil (already had everything else), whizzed it with the garlic, pine nuts and olive oil, and hey pesto! (had to be done)

Hey Pesto!

Look at it… So tasty, so irresistible… I’m so pleased that the pine nuts didn’t get completely obliterated by the food processor and stayed lovely and crunchy. As always, I completely made up the quantities and added as much as I liked. I’ll probably think a bit more about it next time, especially if I make a bigger batch (for prolonged pesto enjoyment).

It’s so much fresher when you make it yourself. Not blended to a pulp – chunky, tasty. You can literally see where it came from. You can see the ingredients. And, most importantly, you can taste them. Yummmmmmm.

Don't worry, it's wheat-free pasta

I made just enough for two. And yes, I did add more parmesan on top. That is how I roll.

And now I’m so excited about making different kinds of pesto… With rocket, spinach, sun dried tomatoes. You name it, I’ll put it in pesto. Within reason. (Please don’t challenge me on this.)

Ok, I feel like I have suitably expressed my love of pesto. Goodbye.

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