Beginnings and ends

“This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” – Winston Churchill


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Book Maze


We took a walk along the Southbank yesterday to see the sights and show some friends round. I took the opportunity – finally – to get a look at the Book Maze in the Southbank Centre. You’d find it hard to get lost (the maze really isn’t that challenging and you can see over the walls built of books) but you might get lost looking at the thousands of books and titles…

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Turns out I’m human.

Turns out I make mistakes.

Turns out I like some things and not others.

Turns out I’m inconsistent.

Turns out people move on.

Turns out I do too.

Turns out I haven’t got there


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two small bits of writing


I do not wish to save you

from eternal damnation;

from suicidal urges

that grip and dig talons

through muscles and sinews.

I have no power to be

a saviour

and oftentimes I cannot

convince you

to leave the tiniest notion




Smoke rises violently,

loudly billowing.

And he wonders why

something so visually overwhelming

should be deprived

of any sound.

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(writing project)

start with my eyes

blue to green to black to blue

you bruise them

only to be forgiven with a sweet look,

a regretful glance.

you move down to the mouth you love to suffocate,

the nape you strangle

(without meaning to).

I have never felt so terrified as when your eyes meet mine.

I look away.

a momentary glimmer

sweeps across my vision,

too delicate to crush

and I guess that I am

very bad at love.

everything I crave comes out broken,

damaged, destroyed

by the passion with which I wanted it.

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