My word of the year


Lots of my favourite bloggers choose a word for the year and I’ve read some interesting thoughts on how to choose and use words for 2013. I love it! It’s fascinating to see the different interpretations of similar words, and I’ve been spurred on to choose my own. I do love the words, after all.

Last year, I sort of half-chose “let go” as my word/phrase. I had some pretty definite ideas about what that meant in specific areas of my life. In the end, they didn’t really happen, but somehow “let go” fits 2012 pretty well.

This year, I’ve chosen “wishing”. It’s a bit fairies and rainbows and unicorns, I know. I’m ok with that. But having let go of a lot of stuff (by which I really mean shit), it’s time to start thinking about what I really hope for and want in my life. And “wishing” really encapsulate that for me.

I’m ready to start breaking things down so that I know what my dream is in any situation – the anything-is-possible, no-realism-need-apply thing. Then knowing what I can actually do to make the wish real, and what’s left to just hoping and wishing and putting good vibes out there. (I’m a massive hippy. I know.)

Yes, I have some wishes for 2013. The first is that I’ll have a successful and speedy recovery from my tonsillectomy next week (no horror stories, please). The rest are still being explored…

A little late, but happy new year! Wishing you a wonderful year of goodness x


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August and everything after

Little crown

So I had a go at taking part in Susannah Conway‘s August Break. It felt like a good way to get back into blogging and sharing ideas (and maybe some non-ideas, too).

I started off pretty well but quickly learned two things: I want better photos for The Jenny Project and I want to post things that are meaningful and not so random. Good things to learn!

Sadly, I got distracted halfway through by some sad news. One of my friends from school passed away and I was suddenly in the throes of grief. It’s not that I had nothing to say, I just didn’t know how to say anything about it at the time, and I wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do.

I decided that I don’t want to write about the specifics here, but it would be exceptionally uncharacteristic of me not to mention it at all. So I’ll say this: I had forgotten how energy-sapping grief actually is, and how grief is all one thing: you start grieving for one person and you find yourself grieving for everything ever lost.

Somehow, it seemed appropriate to be in the middle of something organised by one of the best writers about grief I’ve ever encountered, and I’m sure fellow readers of Susannah‘s blog will agree.

PS I borrowed the little crown photo from here. I’m working on my own.

PPS ‘August and everything after’ is the first of Counting Crows’ albums and one of my most listened to.

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Beginnings and ends

“This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” – Winston Churchill

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Book Maze


We took a walk along the Southbank yesterday to see the sights and show some friends round. I took the opportunity – finally – to get a look at the Book Maze in the Southbank Centre. You’d find it hard to get lost (the maze really isn’t that challenging and you can see over the walls built of books) but you might get lost looking at the thousands of books and titles…

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We are all capable of brilliant things

I’ll be honest: the last few weeks/months have been difficult for me. I hope I’ve hit rock bottom and the only way is up, but it does feel a bit dark and miserable down here sometimes.

There are things that have kept me going: brilliant beautiful blogs and books by Susannah, Kelle, Kal, Gretchen and Brene – and little pieces of art and bits of words, like this print.

We are all capable of brilliant things. Sometimes, we have to choose to be capable and whether we’re going to let the capability turn into reality. We’re all capable of doing the washing up, of losing weight, of writing a novel, of playing the piano, of having a party. Every single one of us. They’re all things we can do.

It’s nice to be reminded of that, especially right now. But the big question is whether we actually do it.

What brilliant things are you capable of? What brilliant things are you doing today?

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Turns out I’m human.

Turns out I make mistakes.

Turns out I like some things and not others.

Turns out I’m inconsistent.

Turns out people move on.

Turns out I do too.

Turns out I haven’t got there


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two small bits of writing


I do not wish to save you

from eternal damnation;

from suicidal urges

that grip and dig talons

through muscles and sinews.

I have no power to be

a saviour

and oftentimes I cannot

convince you

to leave the tiniest notion




Smoke rises violently,

loudly billowing.

And he wonders why

something so visually overwhelming

should be deprived

of any sound.

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8 brilliant weekend things

Monday morning has rolled around again. Sigh.

On the bright side, I had a lovely weekend. Here are eight things I liked about it:

1. Watching The Kings Speech again

I saw this in the cinema and really enjoyed it. Very happy to watch it again. Best bits: Colin Firth’s performance, overcoming adversity, finding a voice and the excellent use of the word ‘tits’.

2. Autumnal sunshine

I love autumn, especially when it’s still sunny, with a chill in the air. And it makes London all historical.

3. Saturdays at bake-a-boo

I’ve been helping Zoe out at her beautiful bake and tea shop in West Hampstead for a few weeks now, and although it gets mental and busy, it’s so much fun. AND there’s wheat-free cake 🙂

4. Making pasta bake

Science says carbs make you happy. I agree. I made a pasta bake after bake-a-boo and it was delicious. It included: wheat-free pasta, sweet peppers, peas, tomato sauce, garlic, cumin and baked beans, topped with mozarella AND parmesan (for stretchy and crunchy).

5. Getting my hair cut

After years of long not-sure-what-to-do-with-it hair, I went for a change. It’s short now, and hopefully easier to manage. Totally refreshing!

6. Tracking down stuffing for Dave’s cushion (not a euphemism)

Dave’s making a giant cushion. He got some material on Saturday, then researched where to find some cheap stuffing. The wonder that is gumtree lead us to Fleet Street, where we picked up 12 bags full of unrefined cotton from a really lovely (and very generous) lady called Heidi. Win!

7. Going for hot chocolate at La Maison du Chocolat

I am a hot chocolate connoisseur, and Dave believes this is the best hot chocolate place in London. It was pretty good, although quite formal – and I think Apostrophe hot chocolate is probably still my favourite.

8. Stephen Fry’s Planet Word

After a long weekend, it was an early night for me, and for the second week running this tv show caught my attention. This week, Stephen approached the ‘what is literature’ question, and I was hooked. I bloody love that stuff.

So those were the best bits of my weekend! I hope everyone else is enjoying the autumn sun as much as I am.


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Friday is a four-letter word

It was hard for me to get out of bed this morning. It’s definitely turned colder and darker.

For me, Fridays are love/hate. End of the week is brilliant, but work is always really busy, with lots of people wanting stuff done before the weekend. So the light at the end of the tunnel is there, but always a struggle to get to.

So this morning I have wrapped up in stripy cardigan and scarf and wrist warmers, made hot chocolate and set myself a break  at 11 to get supplies and have a walk round the block.

Anyone else with me on this one? What do your Fridays look like?

Good luck with it, whatever it is!

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Updates, milestones and remembering

I love writing things. And I like putting them up on the internet for other people to see. And I love reading other people’s writings.

So I am hereby resolving to blog more, with a particular aim to record the daily, small, seemingly insignificant milestones that wizz by.

Today I’m also getting inspiration from Kal’s daily posts, as well as this brilliant project started by Dave Eggers. Watch his TED talk on it – it’s brilliant.

Today’s milestone is that I’ve been at my current job for two years. Something to celebrate among the hard work and craziness!

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